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Dan D'Ascenzo

Creative Mastering and Mixing Engineer
Music Producer | Lecturer 

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Dan D'Ascenzo

One of the most appreciated Belgian mastering engineers in the music industry worldwide, Dan D’Ascenzo has been working as a sound, mastering and mixing engineer for nearly 15 years.

Dan started his career in 1991 as a DJ and worked throughout the BeNeLux region with different venues, including DJ residency for eight years with Rio Grande – Club techno German border and Katsu Club – Qyou. He slowly worked his way towards music production and his first release 20 years ago was on Baccardi Records (7k vinyl copies sold).

His international career as DJ and producer includes gigs in venues such as Privilege Ibiza – Lola Club Shanghai – Sunz Club Ghangzou – Audio San Francisco.

After graduating from SAE Institute, Dan launched his own mastering studio based in Liège (Belgium) – LeftRight Audio – where he is conducting workshops, private sessions and working for and with 95% international clients.

Over the years, Dan has equally been involved in radio and TV spots production and mastering (e.g. Philips TV, AG insurance), as well as music productions for Games.
Additionally, he has been one of the main lecturers for both Electronic Music (1 and Advanced) programmes in SAE Institute in Brussels for several years (specialities: DAWs, FX, mastering).

In his work/collaboration portfolio we find labels such as: Universal Music, Sony Music, Defected, Kompakt, Turbo, Skint and amazing production credits in electronic music from: Michel De Hey / Hey! Records,, Franky Rizardo, Sonny Fodera, all Dame Music and Bloody Mary / The Jaydes, DJ Godfather, Jamie Jones, Sharam / Yoshitohi Rec, Pleasurekraft, Moby, Robert Hood, but also Belgian artists like JD Davis (voice of David Guetta), Kolombo, Surfing Leons, LIMITS

Dan is well known for his warm, human approach of the projects he works on and in the relationship with his clients. His creative style applies to all genres of music and artists as long as there is emotion in the productions which he then brings to another level.

Dan speaks 4 foreign languages, loves to travel, crate digging and is passionate by cooking.



Amphion Two18 + BaseOne 25 system


Antelope Pure2 + 10M Atomic Clock

Signal Processing:
SPL Hermes Mastering Router (120V DC Audio Rail)
SPL DMC Master Console RED (120V Audio Rail)
SPL Gemini M/S Mastering Processor (120V Audio Rail)
Dangerous Music 2BUS + (for stems and mixing)

Analog Outboard:


SPL PQ Mastering EQ RED (120V Audio Rail)

SPL PASSEQ Mastering EQ RED (120V Audio Rail)
Sontec 250A modified

Dynamic control:
SPL IRON Mastering Compressor Red (120V Audio Rail)

Foote P3S ME Compressor

HCL Varis Valve Compressor

SSL 4000G Bus Compressor custom build

Other magical stuff:

Electric Lane Black Coffee Pre Amp

Aphex Aural Exiter 250 C III


Vovox Sonorus Direct S – Purum certified Studio

Digital Tools & Plugins:

Universal Audio’s UAD QUAD (x2) + Apollo 16: Full option
Plugin Alliance
NuGen Audio


Stanton ST.150 Turntable
Studer A80 Tape Machine

DAW / Workstation:
Reaper 5

Studio One Pro V4
Wavelab 9.5


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