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I offer Analog Mastering since 2005.
From day 1 my main concern was to unleash the optimal result of the work of my clients. I do believe that dynamic music sounds way better and louder compared to squashed masters at the same level.


Antelope Pure2 + 10M Atomic Clock

SPL Hermes Mastering Router (120V DC Audio Rail)
SPL DMC Master Console RED (120V Audio Rail)
SPL Gemini M/S Mastering Processor (120V Audio Rail)
Dangerous Music 2BUS + (for stems and mixing)

SPL PQ Mastering EQ RED (120V Audio Rail)
SPL PASSEQ Mastering EQ RED (120V Audio Rail)
Sontec 250A modified

SPL IRON Mastering Compressor Red (120V Audio Rail)
Foote P3S ME Compressor
HCL Varis Valve Compressor
SSL 4000G Bus Compressor custom build

Vovox Sonorus Direct S – Purum certified Studio

Universal Audio’s UAD QUAD (x2) + Apollo 16: Full option
Plugin Alliance
NuGen Audio

Reaper 6
Studio One Pro V4
Wavelab 10
Studer A80

About Me

Dan D’Ascenzo is not the typical Mastering and Mixing Engineer.
Known worldwide for his specialisation and skills in delivering optimised Masters for Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube,.. & for regular download stores, he consider mastering as a creative step in the music production path.
When customers send him their works to master, he has a clear vision on the direction he wants to bring them to.

Strategically located between Germany, Holland and Belgium, Leftright Studio positions itself among the high-end mastering studios worldwide and presents itself with carefully selected gears.
Since 2019, the Studio is fully equipped by the SPL Mastering Series and all masters captured benefit of their 120V DC Audio rail technology and the instant 3D.

Dan has been in the field for more than 15 years, both practicing and as a lecturer in SAE Institute. He is well known for his warm, human approach of the projects he works on and in the relationship with his clients. His creative style applies to all genres of music and artists as long as there is emotion in the productions which he then brings to another level.

Dan speaks 4 foreign languages, loves to travel, crate digging and is passionate by cooking.



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I’m looking forward to hear from you soon!

Dan D’Ascenzo.

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