2020 is definitely the strangest year ever.. At least for me but I presume that I’m not alone with this feeling.
And like many of us, I had to face some tough time during the lockdown, but I always stayed positive and encouraged my FAM to take the opportunity to continue to cook some great music and also to learn something that we normally don’t have the time for! (Maybe I will make an extra post on what I did during that time.. If you are interested!)

Hard work pays off! Always!
Since the summer I had no time for vacations because I got a huge amount of tremendous music to master and/or to mix! And this is a huge satisfaction feeling, because despite the whole music scene being still stopped, you guys managed it pretty well to offer to your fans amazing music when the time will be to be back on stage again..

And this video is a pretty good example from what I talked above!
My partner in crime David Mouyal (with which I’m working for a couple of years now, working on superb projects like Sian Able, John Parm, Joy and many more) contacted me for the album project of this young guy from Brussels, Alex Paradoxe.
When I heard for the first time the mixes of the Album, I knew directly that it would be a project that I would like!
And I really hope that he gets the attention and success he deserves, because it is really a great Album!

Below a sneak peek of me mastering one of my favorite title of the Album.
I’m sure I will publish some more details soon..

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